hildren's early learning experiences have a profound effect on their development. Therefore in Summer Montessori, we believe in intertwining the methods of Montessori, integrated learning, inquiry-based learning and play in order for children to acquire a variety of important skills, knowledge and attitudes that will affect their ability to learn, their overall personality development, their relationship with others as well as their future participation with others. This includes equipping children with literacy skills, mathematical skills and science skills while providing them with opportunities to engage in projects.

Our curriculum covers the seven areas of learning and development:


The children are encouraged to share, work as part of a group, develop personal hygiene, build confidence and self-esteem.

The children are encouraged to express themselves, talk and listen, use and enjoy books, and recognise and write their own names and alphabet letters and sounds.

The children are encouraged to recognise shapes and patterns, compare, sort and match objects, recognise and use numbers to 10 and beyond.

The children are encouraged to talk about their families, the past and present, where they live, explore features of living things, question why things happen and how they work, and to use technology to support learning.

The children are encouraged to move confidently with increasing control, use a range of large and small equipment, use balancing and climbing apparatus and also to handle appropriate tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.

The children are encouraged to explore sound, colour, texture, shape, space and form, respond in a variety of ways to what they see, hear, smell, touch and feel, to observe and listen, use imagination through art, music, dance, stories and imaginative play, and to use a wide range of musical instruments.

Children are engaged in the music and movement process through singing and body locomotive process to help internalize musical kinesthetic appreciation and to build on children’s creative expression & exploratory skills.